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Our Shoes

We proudly represent the “D'Raso’’ brand. The latter makes high-quality, handmade shoes.

It combines all the comfort and elegance necessary to accompany your Tango, Salsa and even your training evenings.

For custom orders, please contact us.

History of the tango shoes " D' Raso "

  • Hand-made by craftsmen bootmakers.
  • Knowledge and tradition: Transmitted from father to son for more than 30 years.
  • Choice of materials of high quality.
  • Exclusive line for the Argentine tango, and the other styles of dances.
  • For men and women.
  • Custom-made.
  • Working upon commission, the artisan must satisfy an individual desire.
  • Wide choice of styles and colors.
  • Comfort and elegance to dance for hours.
  • Perfect agreement between the personality and the dance.
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